"Adam is the hardest working and most passionate freelancer I have worked with."
"Adam was charming, polite and a pleasure to work with. He was efficient and professional in his approach and met all deadlines."
"He used his own initiative and made every effort to ensure the success of the projects."
"His enthusiasm, proactive attitude and maturity were both striking and very welcome!"
"Adam does every job with a smile on his face, full of energy and always making the team laugh."

- Summary -
Freelance lighting operator/programmer and multi-skilled camera operator with wide-ranging experience in live TV, theatre, events and worship. Specialised in programming moving lights and intelligent DMX fixtures with MA Lighting consoles. Also a qualified drummer with a strong musical understanding. Graduated with first-class honours in TV Production from Ravensbourne. Professional and dedicated with a good eye for detail.

- Lighting -

MA Command & Fader Wing owner/operator specialising in GrandMA2. Lighting programming and operation for live TV, theatre, events and worship with a strong musical understanding.

- Cameras -

Freelance multi-skilled camera operator with experience in studio, OB, ENG and robotic camera environments, specialising in live situations.

- Video Production -

Experience filming theatre shows and events (both single camera and multi-camera), editing with Premiere Pro and producing online videos.